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  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    My dear dear Renate:

    Recently I was in San Francisco: discovered the poems by ‘BOB KAUFMAN’ – great and incredible.

  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    Sorry: Renate – the ‘technology’ just clicked me off: this would NOT happen to poetry and jazz!!!!!!!

    Anyway: Bob Kaufman is called : jazz poet of the street. Here is an example (2nd stanza of his poem “Cocoa Morning”) :
    Drummer, Hummer, on the floor
    Dreaming of wild beats, softer still,
    Yet free of violent city noise,
    Please, sweet morning,
    Stay here forever.”

    In diesem genau diesem Sinne, UND in dem unsrigen:

    meine lieben


  • Stefano Ferrando sagt:

    Wow! Yours is one of the most interesting web sites I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to thank the italian radio broadcast “Battiti”. A pleasant surprise.

  • Carla del Mar sagt:

    Unglaublich gute Website! Ich bin Buchhädnlerin und bilde mich zur Musikerin weiter… Nun habe ich gute Tipps für meine Warengruppe “Jazz” und für meine eigenen Wünsche! Muchísimas gracias por el trabajo

  • Stefano Ferrando sagt:

    It’s always pleasure to’ return to you and always find new books about my passion.
    And what counts isn’t the new books.
    Every time you come back here you find the same passion.

    With love,

    Stefano Ferrando

  • Becky sagt:

    Many many quality points there.

  • Stefanie sagt:

    Hey Buddy’s knife!

    I’m really looking forward to your new book!

  • Tom Warren sagt:

    Noah Howard was one of my favorites & Live at Judson Hall is my all time # one album. Looking forward to the book.

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