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  • Eva sagt:

    Congratulations to your amazing “giving birth to sound”!

  • Faye Patton sagt:

    I am so looking forward to seeing the ‘Giving Birth to Sound’ book coming through my letterbox. Such an honour to be involved in a great project like this. I hope this is just the beginning of something amazing and in time, I hope to connect with each and every one of the fellow artists, writers and collaborators….best wishes, from London, UK, Faye Patton.

  • Tom Warren sagt:

    Noah Howard was one of my favorites & Live at Judson Hall is my all time # one album. Looking forward to the book.

  • Stefanie sagt:

    Hey Buddy’s knife!

    I’m really looking forward to your new book!

  • Becky sagt:

    Many many quality points there.

  • Stefano Ferrando sagt:

    It’s always pleasure to’ return to you and always find new books about my passion.
    And what counts isn’t the new books.
    Every time you come back here you find the same passion.

    With love,

    Stefano Ferrando

  • Carla del Mar sagt:

    Unglaublich gute Website! Ich bin Buchhädnlerin und bilde mich zur Musikerin weiter… Nun habe ich gute Tipps für meine Warengruppe “Jazz” und für meine eigenen Wünsche! Muchísimas gracias por el trabajo

  • Stefano Ferrando sagt:

    Wow! Yours is one of the most interesting web sites I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to thank the italian radio broadcast “Battiti”. A pleasant surprise.

  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    Sorry: Renate – the ‘technology’ just clicked me off: this would NOT happen to poetry and jazz!!!!!!!

    Anyway: Bob Kaufman is called : jazz poet of the street. Here is an example (2nd stanza of his poem “Cocoa Morning”) :
    Drummer, Hummer, on the floor
    Dreaming of wild beats, softer still,
    Yet free of violent city noise,
    Please, sweet morning,
    Stay here forever.”

    In diesem genau diesem Sinne, UND in dem unsrigen:

    meine lieben


  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    My dear dear Renate:

    Recently I was in San Francisco: discovered the poems by ‘BOB KAUFMAN’ – great and incredible.

  • Yardbird (for Charlie Parker)

    Contained within each note he plays is the power to make me cry,
    Vibrant tears from the many eyes of the various years of my sordid lives,
    Multiple, external, eternal orgasms
    Built upon the sublime sad facts of a saintly sax that smacks of smack,
    With a crack, whack, quack…slap…clackety-clack attack.
    C. P. packs a knockout punch, a sonic lunch,
    A mouth-watering snack of communion-wafer wax.
    His solos flow, take off and go, suddenly slow, put on a show,
    Then race some more and out the door.

    What’s his story? Each transcendent tune is
    Twenty bucks worth of horse-powered glory.
    Poor abused Charlie, so transitory–
    Not yet 35 when he died, but looking much older–
    A hipster, a quipster, a musical soldier,
    His black-Buddha breath, taut lip dams and flyin’ hands
    Created grand-slam jams that literally spun him off of bandstands–
    Like some tornado doin’ musical handstands with no hands.
    Chorus upon chorus of new ideas careening by at breakneck speed,
    Electroshock, tick-tock, heart-stop, body-drop, be-fuckin’-bop!
    When I hear him blow, I know all I need to know–
    Don’t need no lover, no job, no food,
    No drugs, no worries, no money, no rules–
    Just wanna hear Bird bestow his sacred staccato flow
    On the blessed masses far below,
    As forever round and round his records go,
    Over and over, up and down in an endless loop of soulful sound.

    Everyone else is sleeping, their smiles only weeping,
    As my unshackled mind is creeping
    Back to the 1940’s studio where Charlie’s playing.
    Like Tibetan monks chanting, he and his horn are praying.
    His band is grooving to the truths he’s proving,
    The other cats in the place vying to keep pace
    With the master who never stops moving.
    Supersonic impressions, hair-pin regressions,
    He’s the sensation of improvisation.
    Fingers flying, he takes his lumps but his soul is crying.
    I’m getting goose bumps, I ain’t lying.
    His sound is celebrating the beauty he’s creating,
    Testifying to the ecstasy of life, not all the strife he’s absorbing
    Or the medicine he’s taking–that junk.
    A black genius pushed to the brink by white punks
    Who couldn’t even blow their own noses.

    And so it goes as his life force grows and grows,
    Defeating death with each puff of breath.
    Thar he blows! Here he glows! There he flows! Go, Bird, go!
    An endless rhyme. Now’s The Time! Going…going…going…
    c Rick Klaus Theis

  • skip bolen sagt:

    I just received the Henry Grimes book and it looks absolutely great!!! Thank you for including my b+w photos in the book — i’m absolutely glad to be a part of it!

    thanks again,


  • we got the book… it’s very beautiful… congratulations to all…
    we also showed it to a friendly record/bookstore in town and they’re going to order it…
    thanks again for making us a part of this,
    vanita & joe

  • Dear Renate,

    thank you very much for the William Parker’s book.
    I am proud and happy that one of my earliest pictures could be part of this beautiful book which represents such a great man and artist.
    It is not so very often when you can feel warmness of the person you are comunnicating by email. You are one of them.

    Ziga Koritnik

    P.S.”Viva la musica!” (Charles Lloyd)

  • I received the copy of “Signs Along the Road” that you sent. Thank you so much.

    The design and execution of the book exceeded my expectations. I like the way the way the photos are displayed, a design that echoes the book title, and the poems are wonderful.

  • Valerij Anosov sagt:

    Thank you for your noble work. In our commercial world becomes more kindness and sincerity.
    Your friends from ‘Thelonious’, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Orah Moore sagt:

    Glad to receive Who Owns Music. Nice job with the production. I read it in one sitting making note of good points I liked and that resonate. Happy to be part of it with a photo.

  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    We congratulate you on your publications:
    ” what else is there to do than to publish books, for them to be read and understood: PURE BLISS.”
    Kirsten Gutke, Mai 2004:
    In diesem Sinne, Alles Alles Gute.

  • Thomas Rösch sagt:

    Ben Ratliff: This is really just a musical question: Are you a religious man?

    Sonny Sharrock: Yeah, in that I think Coltrane is God. And so is Miles, and Bird, and the rest of those people [laughs]. No, I’m not religious at all; I despise religion, organized religion, and most disorganized religion; I think religion is very dangerous and harmful to people.

  • Kriki sagt:

    Sis Rina:

    Keep ’em goin':
    what a pleasure to combine poetry and jazz!!


  • Kochij sagt:

    Hallo Renate:
    Lester Bowie aus “The Fire This Time”:

    In my travels, I´ve had the pleasure to observe a group of people consisting of all races, sexes, religious and sexual persuasions, working, playing and enjoying life together.
    There is much to be learned from observing the behaviour of this multilinded group of world citizens.
    Who are these people?
    Jazz Fans!!!
    Consequently, my answer to the solution of the worlds many problems is: MORE JAZZ
    Keep the good work up!


  • Patrick Simek sagt:

    Hi Renate,

    it was nice to meet you in Duisburg, and talk about all that great music on the way to Cologne in the rain at 1am in the morning.

    I have another recommendation for some great reading: teh Mingus bio “Beneath The Underdog”.

    Very saxily yours


  • Antje sagt:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem gelungenen und inspirierenden Auftritt.
    Viel Freude & noch viel mehr Erfolg!

  • Kirsten Gutke sagt:

    “Die Menschen sollen nicht so viel nachdenken, was sie tun sollen, sie sollen vielmehr bedenken, was sie sind.” ((Meister Eckhart))
    For this reason, precisely so, dear Renate, from the depths of my soul and heart:
    Congratulations, truly and respectfully all the very best.

  • Thomas Rösch sagt:

    “La plupart des musiciens qui font du free – je veux dire de l’improvisation – ont au fond d’eux-mêmes un feeling fondamental. Cette pulsation de base, c’est le blues. Ce que j’aimais chez John Coltrane, c’est le blues. J’entends le blues dans le saxophone, mais aussi dans tous les instruments (…) Le blues, c’est l’impulsion de tout, la force qui doit guider tous les jazzmen, l’énergie , la source de toutes les musiques, aussi bien de la free music et du swing que du bebop.”

    Frank LOWE (1943-2003), Sax/Fl., JHot 515, novembre 1994

  • Thomas Rösch sagt:

    “Well, wait a minute. See, I don’t want to paint the wrong impression with you. Music was always the center of my life. Music was the center of my life always. I can go back to junior high. Music has been the center of my life. It’s just that that doesn’t necessarily say you’re making a living with it. So you need to rethink this whole thing: music was always the center of my life. Everything I did was around the music. You know, everything. From the very first time I took up the saxophone, I was involved in all the musical activities of the school: the dance band, the marching band, the concert band, the all-state band, private lessons. Went to music school. So music has always been the focal point. There hasn’t been a time when it hasn’t been. You know, I knew what I wanted to do since I was 12 years old. So I don’t want to paint the wrong picture to you here.”

    David S. Ware
    January 2001

    Ich möchte diese 3teilige CD empfehlen

    Thomas Rösch

  • Natalie Gemmrig sagt:

    Hallo buddy’s knife,
    eine absoult coole Homepage!
    Glückwunsch und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

  • HaWe sagt:

    Bei den krassen Pille-Palle HP´s, die man/frau so vorgeworfen bekommt, ist buddy´s knife ja mal ´ne voll verschärfte Kiste – Superdufte!
    Weiter so und viel Erfolg! – Beste Grüße, HaWe

  • Claudia sagt:

    Meine allerbesten Glückwünsche für dieses
    wundervolle Projekt. Es macht riesig Spaß, in den CD-Empfehlungen zu stöbern! Weiterhin ganz viel Erfolg!

  • “My own feelings about the direction in which jazz should go are that there should be much less stress on technical exhibitionism and much more on emotional content, on what might be termed humanity in music and the freedom to say all that you want.” Booker Little

    “Wenn du morgens aufstehst, mußt du dich zuerst anziehen, bevor du hinausgehen und deinen Tag leben kannst. Aber deine Kleidung sagt dir nicht, wohin du gehen kannst, sie geht dorthin, wo du hin gehst. Eine Melodie ist wie deine Kleidung.” Ornette Coleman

    “I’m very glad to have met you. I like your playing very much.” Charlie Parker to Jean-Paul Sartre

    “For his contributions to jazz, Kenny G should be: (D) Smeared with bacon grease, placed in a cage with three underfed Kodiak grizzly bears, and whatever happens, happens.” Genius Guide to Jazz, January 2004

  • “When I die I want them to play the BLACK AND CRAZY BLUES, I want to be cremated, put in a bag of pot and I want beautiful people to smoke me and hope they got something out of it.” Rahsaan Roland Kirk

    “Wenn ein Musiker einen kleinen Funken der Inspiration braucht, einen Impuls, dann muß er nur in der Nähe Monks sein, und Monk wird ihn ihm geben.”
    John Coltrane über Thelonius Monk, 1955

    Vielen Dank für diese Site.

  • Martin sagt:

    Inspirierender Webauftritt und faszinierendes Projekt!
    Du hast deine Vision verwirklicht – meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch.

  • jutta sagt:

    Sehr schöne Homepage!

  • Angelina sagt:

    Beautiful site, unique idea.
    Hope the jazzgods will bless you and your project.
    Best wishes from jazz-addicted Angelina

  • Verena Klein sagt:

    Deinen Beitrag zur Welt wird keiner leisten,
    weil niemand die Welt so sieht
    wie du! … was auch diese tolle Homepage beweist.
    Viel Erfolg und beste Wünsche!

  • Veronika sagt:

    Messer sind Waffen und Werkzeuge. Das knife von buddy soll ein funktionierendes Werkzeug für die jazzedition sein! Scharf, glänzend und einfach schön. Beste Wünsche aus dem Palatinat: Olma

  • Azar sagt:

    Hallo buddy´s knife,
    ein wunderbares Projekt!
    Ich wünsche dem Verlag einen Riesenerfolg.

  • Barbara Frenz sagt:

    Hi buddy, lass es mich nochmals sagen: wunderschöne website. Und hier noch 2 Trio-Empfehlungen für die CD-Liste:
    “The Call” (1966): Henry Grimes, Perry Robinson, Tom Price
    “Sonny Rollins – A Night At The Village Vanguard. Vol. 1,2″ (1957): plus Donald Bailey u. Pete LaRoca / plus Wilbur Ware u. Elvin Jones

    Meine allerbesten Wünsche (Buddy Bolden is watching over you and buddy’s knife),

    Buddy Barb

  • Valerie sagt:

    Coole Website! Bonne Chance!!

  • maud van wielink sagt:

    with the last breath of my soul

    I’ll be blessing you