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The legendary Buddy Bolden (1877-1931), a cornet player from New
Orleans, was the first jazz voice: wild, archaic, dirty.
His music forged a link between the European brass-band sound and
the African drum rituals of Congo Square, and he was the first
bandleader to play improvised music. In 1896 he assembled the first
“modern” jazz band, that played in New Orleans parades and
dances. The black community worshipped their unpredictable, crazy
king, until his musical, emotional, and physical excesses drove him to
madness. In 1907 he had a breakdown during a parade and spent the
remaining 24 years of his life in a psychiatric institution.

buddy’s knife jazzedition presents its first voice – that of Henry
Grimes: subtle, poetic and vigorous. His lyrics sound like his bass
playing: magical and intuitive in a way that can neither be categorized
nor explained.

Jazz tells of things that become different as they become, of things
that have already become different.

D.S. Ware